16 Terrifying Horror Movies You Can Watch In 20 Minutes Or Less

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For best viewing, we recommend plugging your headphones in, turning the volume up, and switching the lights off. Only if you dare…

1. Bedfellows (2 minutes)

What it’s about: A woman wakes to the sound of her phone ringing, and what she discovers is truly chilling.

2. Unknown Number (7 minutes)

What it’s about: It’s late in the night, and a girl is receiving insistent calls from an unknown number. Little does she know, she’s not home alone.

3. Vicious (12 minutes)

What it’s about: A woman arrives home late one night to find her front door already open. But what is it that’s lurking in the dark?

4. The Smiling Man (7 minutes)

What it’s about: A young girl, home alone, comes face to face with evil.

5. The Cop Cam (2 minutes)

What it’s about: A police officer responds to a call at an abandoned house, and the cop camera catches what is found when the officer arrives.

6. Night Night Nancy (4 minutes)

What it’s about: When a girl is woken up by a text message, she discovers somebody has been taking pictures of her while she slept.

7. Mr Creak (3 minutes)

What it’s about: A woman finds terrifying messages in an old toy house, reciting the rhyme of Mr Creak.

8. Clickbait (4 minutes)

What it’s about: A girl is browsing the internet, unaware that what she clicks on could have serious consequences for more than just her computer.

9. Victim (14 minutes)

What it’s about: While out for a run, a boy sees a tall, pale figure in a suit. Over the following days, the figures keeps reappearing. Based on the story of Slender Man.

10. Passenger (3 minutes)

What it’s about: A driver pulls in to a quiet road, thinking it’s the perfect place to sleep for the night. That’s until he wakes to the sound of a knocking behind him.

11. Downstairs (17 minutes)

What it’s about: A new security guard working the nightshift is left simple instructions by a colleague: Do not go downstairs.

12. Attic Panic (2 minutes)

What it’s about: A woman finds out that there’s more than just empty boxes up in the attic.

13. Charlie (16 minutes)

What it’s about: Everybody has seen those internet chain mails that promise sinister things if you don’t pass them on, but what happens when you break the chain and the myth comes true?

14. Occupied (5 minutes)

What it’s about: A guy working a late shift takes a bathroom break, which turns out to be far from relaxing.

15. Rake (14 minutes)

What it’s about: A group of friends are camping in the desert after their graduation, but a monster is intent on ruining their celebrations.

16. I Heard It Too (8 minutes)

What it’s about: A mother puts her daughter to bed but when the girl wakes up, is it really her mother calling her name?

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