19 Pure And Perfect Tumblr Posts About Female Friendships

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1. This endless generosity:

This endless generosity:

2. This drunk-girl appreciation:

This drunk-girl appreciation:

3. This next-level group-chat trolling:

4. This deep respect:

This deep respect:

5. This incredible act:

This incredible act:

7. This terrible situation:

This terrible situation:

8. This low-key revolution of girl solidarity:

This low-key revolution of girl solidarity:

10. This uprising:

This uprising:

11. This, the most distilled form of human connection:

12. This commitment/future spies:

This commitment/future spies:

13. This trust:

This trust:

14. This formula for guaranteed friendship:

This formula for guaranteed friendship:

15. This poetry:

This poetry:

16. This wonderful, endless cycle:

This wonderful, endless cycle:

17. This internet support:

18. This group chat that you’ve definitely experienced:

This group chat that you've definitely experienced:

19. This lie:

This lie:

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