17 Bizarre Alcoholic Drinks That’ll Make Your Stomach Turn

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1. Sourtoe Cocktail

There’s a hotel in the Yukon where you can take a shot of clear alcohol with a REAL disembodied toe in it. WHY??????


2. Cement Mixer

This ~treat~ combines Baileys and lime juice. Once the shot is in your mouth, shake your head back and forth until a lumpy “cement” consistency forms. Then, swallow. FUN.

—Hayley Fields, Facebook

3. Hot Cheeto-Infused Vodka

Photos by Laura Metzler / Design by Alice Mongkongllite

This DIY drink will be fun for you, until it makes you run to the toilet.


4. Baby Mice Rice Wine

So this is a bit spooky — baby mice are drowned inside jugs of rice wine. It’s considered to be a cure-all health drink in Korea, which is pretty cool, but otherwise, NO THANKS.

—Jessica Coffey, Facebook

5. Three Penis Wine

ThinkStock / Anna Kopsky

You didn’t ask for it, but wine made with seal, deer, and dog penis, exists — though there are also versions of it made with snake, deer, and dog penis.


6. Live Minnow Shot

At Big Dick’s Halfway Inn in Ozarks, Missouri, you can drop a LIVE MINNOW into your shot before you take it down. As if a shot wasn’t bad enough on its own.


7. Mamma Mia! Pizza Beer

Ever wanted beer with oregano, tomato, garlic, and basil in it???? Me neither!!! Try it anyway, sinners!!

—AJ Nevills, Facebook

8. Tapeworm shot

Just hear me out: Tabasco sauce + vodka + black pepper + a thin sliver of mayo. HAHAHA JK DON’T HEAR ME OUT, THAT’S NASTY.

—Jon-Michael Poff

9. Jester King Brewery Snörkel Beer made with oyster mushrooms

This is a Farmhouse Ale brewed with oyster mushrooms and smoked sea salt. It’s not the worst, but totally one of the weirdest.

—Tara Bragg, Facebook

10. Bloody Brain

Get ready to gag: It’s a combo of peach schnapps, Baileys, and grenadine. The Baileys curdles instantly. Appetizing.


11. Salmon Vodka

Okay, so salmon-flavored alcohol is pretty common in Alaska, but the thought of fish-flavored booze just really makes my stomach churn. FIGHT ME!

—Jennifer Leigh, Facebook

12. Pearl Necklace Oyster Stout

I’ll say it again: Seafood alcohol doesn’t seem right!!!!! Sorry!!!!!!!!

—Roxy Marie, Facebook

13. Mac ‘n’ Cheese Shot

Take the classic American meal, add rum (!!!), and gulp this shit down like a champ.

—Betty Jane Smith, Facebook

14. Scorpion Vodka

This has a goddamn scorpion floating around inside. Supposedly it gives the alcohol a “woody” taste, but, like, you know that’s ACTUALLY the taste of scorpion, right???? K.

—Katy Lynn Patterson, Facebook

15. Smoker’s Cough

Listen up, lads and ladies: Who came up with the idea to mix jäger with mayonnaise??? You need JESUS.

—Brett Vergara

16. Kiss The Devil Chili Pepper Wine

It’s a spicy-as-heck wine made with real hot chili peppers. If you can handle this, you can handle ANYTHING.


17. And Habushu



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