22 Emotions Literally Every Single Person Has Felt At Work

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1. The “Is It Worth It?” Feeling:

The "Is It Worth It?" Feeling:

Loryn Brantz / buzzfeed.com / Via Twitter: @lavishlee94

2. The “What Time Is It” Feeling:

The "What Time Is It" Feeling:

3. The “Deep Burning Rage” Feeling:

The "Deep Burning Rage" Feeling:

4. The “Future Plans” Feeling:

The "Future Plans" Feeling:

5. The “Trying To Stay Incognito” Feeling:

The "Trying To Stay Incognito" Feeling:

6. The “I Shouldn’t Have Gone Out Last Night” Feeling:

The "I Shouldn't Have Gone Out Last Night" Feeling:

7. The “Day Off” Feeling:

The "Day Off" Feeling:

8. The “I Have No Idea” Feeling:

The "I Have No Idea" Feeling:

9. The “Life Keeps Trying To Break Me” Feeling:

The "Life Keeps Trying To Break Me" Feeling:

10. The “I’m Almost Done” Feeling:

The "I'm Almost Done" Feeling:

11. The “I’M OUTTA HERE” Feeling:

The "I'M OUTTA HERE" Feeling:

12. The “What The Fuck” Feeling:

The "What The Fuck" Feeling:

13. The “Do I Need This” Feeling:

The "Do I Need This" Feeling:

14. The “What If…” Feeling:

The "What If..." Feeling:

15. The “Great Debate” Feeling:

The "Great Debate" Feeling:

16. The “Gotta Get Busy” Feeling:

The "Gotta Get Busy" Feeling:

17. The “It’s Only Tuesday” Feeling:

The "It's Only Tuesday" Feeling:

18. The “PEACE I’M OUT” Feeling:

The "PEACE I'M OUT" Feeling:

19. The “WHO AM I” Feeling:

The "WHO AM I" Feeling:

20. The “Wow, You Care That Much?” Feeling:

The "Wow, You Care That Much?" Feeling:

21. The “New Hire” Feeling:

The "New Hire" Feeling:

22. And the “What I Should Actually Do” Feeling:

And the "What I Should Actually Do" Feeling:

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