29 Surprising Ways Pokémon Go Has Changed People’s Lives

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1. “It has made me connect with other people more.”

The Pokémon Company

“I’ve bonded with complete strangers at my local gym because we’re both Team Mystic, but Pokémon Go has also created tensions between me and friends who are on Valor. I’ve also had moments when I’d be walking around and strangers would notify others if there was a rare Pokémon nearby — it has created a huge community.” —lexis4bca61e1d

2. “This game, with the help of medical professionals and my amazing support system, has helped pull me out of one of the darkest times in my life.”

The Pokémon Company

“I tried to kill myself around when this game was released. I have severe depression and PTSD. After being discharged from the hospital I have been more active than I have been in years. I’ve spent time with friends, felt motivated to walk, see new parts of my city, and be outdoors.” —sarahr43375f198

To learn more about PTSD, check out the resources at the National Institute of Mental Health here. If you’re dealing with thoughts of suicide, talk to someone immediately here or call the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline, which you can reach at 1-800-273-8255.

3. “I have a 10-month-old and have been struggling to lose baby weight since he was born. I’ve lost 10 pounds since this was released!”

The Pokémon Company

“I started walking around the neighborhood with him in the stroller and then moved onto our local park, and then walking trails.” —erikac434ff2bf9

4. “My boyfriend and I broke up after three years because he couldn’t commit to spending time with me, only wanted to play Pokémon Go.”

The Pokémon Company


5. “My data bill has been more expensive.”

The Pokémon Company


6. “It’s helping me get over my dog’s death.”

The Pokémon Company

“She died the day it came out. I just wanted something to do so I wouldn’t cry all the time. It’s also helping me go walk instead of eating my feelings.” —ljk

7. “The day my husband downloaded Pokémon Go it was like a light came back on inside of him.”

The Pokémon Company

“My husband injured his shoulder at work in March. Since then, he has been depressed, won’t leave the house and is really struggling. The day he downloaded Pokémon Go it was like a light came back on inside of him. He is going for long multiple walks every day, has reconnected with friends, has lost weight and is all around in a better mood. He is back to his normal, happy, silly self. As cheesy as it sounds I’m so grateful for this app.” —marybethking2015

8. “My entire family plays and it’s such a bonding experience!”

The Pokémon Company

“Not only are we getting along and getting exercise, we are also exploring the city! We are finding landmarks that otherwise, we wouldn’t have ever visited! I love that I have an excuse to get my family out of the house and exploring the world we live in! Even my teenage boy can’t refuse a walk through the park!” —Cassadayyy

9. “It helped me get over someone.”

The Pokémon Company

“I didn’t want him back, I wanted Charizard.” —p4842744ef

10. “I am more annoyed now than ever before.”

The Pokémon Company

“Pokémon can be seen everywhere: social media, the mall, etc. You simply can’t escape it if you don’t like it. Besides that, there are lots of inattentive people taking part in traffic; I’ve seen several tricky situations already. More annoyance, that’s how it changed my life.” —Firepanda99

11. “It’s helping me fight my anxiety and depression.”

The Pokémon Company

“It’s helping me fight my anxiety and depression by giving me the motivation that I can’t give myself to be happy and get out of bed and out of the house every single day to go for a walk. I haven’t felt the urge to just stay in bed all day and wallow in my self-pity, and I haven’t had any self-harming thoughts. Instead, I just want to spend the day being outside, meet new people, and be happy all while playing a game I’ve adored since childhood.” —disastera13

To learn more about depression and anxiety, check out the resources at the National Institute of Mental Health here and here. If you need to talk to someone right away, connect with someone here or call the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline, which you can reach at 1-800-273-8255.

12. “My mom’s so proud of me because I haven’t gone to the store with her in years because of my social anxiety, and now every time she goes anywhere I ask if I can go too to catch another Pokémon.”

The Pokémon Company


13. “My husband is out of the house a lot more now. I am enjoying not having him around.”

The Pokémon Company

“Our marriage has been quite unhappy for awhile.” —trainkeeper

14. “My boyfriend and I have run into people we lost contact with from high school and are rekindling old friendships in addition to making new ones.”

The Pokémon Company

“On top of all that, it has really made a difference for us emotionally. We both struggle with depression and I struggle with anxiety. This has helped us keep our minds out of the dark places we used to get stuck in. It is so much easier to tell our demons to disappear now that we have something to look forward to after work or an anxiety attack.” —karlyb4358af021

15. “My stepdad and I are not close at all, but ever since Pokémon Go came out, we’ve been spending time together and I don’t feel nearly as frustrated with him as I used to.”

The Pokémon Company

“We argued every day and honestly it felt like we didn’t love each other. I started to feel like I had no person to connect with at all. Ever since Pokémon Go came out we’ve been spending time together (staying out late catching Pokémon), I actually laugh at his dumb jokes, and I don’t feel nearly as frustrated with him as I used to.” —timberlyns

16. “I struggle from an autoimmune disease known as lupus, and being a 13-year-old girl, excessive exercise didn’t really appeal to me. But now that I have Pokémon Go, it has helped me actually want to exercise and my overall health as well.”

The Pokémon Company

“I’ve been told by my doctors that I HAVE to do at least an hour of exercise a day.” —emmac42b341fe4

17. “I suffer from agoraphobia and this game helps me find joy and ease in the outside world again.”

The Pokémon Company

“I go out often now that I have this game and walk to places and areas which scared me the most before. I connect with the world again and I am not ashamed to admit that.” —calizero

18. “It gave me a chance to connect with my little brother.”

The Pokémon Company

“We’re only three years apart and while we live in the same house we don’t really talk to each other. Pokémon Go has given us some common ground and we actually hang out and have a positive relationship because of that.” —briannac10

19. “My best friend and I are constantly fighting.”

The Pokémon Company

“My best friend and I got into opposite teams. She’s Team Mystic and I’m Team Valor.” —Anya

20. “I was out playing in my local park and met a guy there; we talked and hit it off, and now are going on a date tomorrow night.”

The Pokémon Company


21. “It has made me swear more and has NOT been good for my health!”

The Pokémon Company

“When it goes down/freezes for me, but my husband is catching a ton of Pokémon I don’t have right next to me, my blood pressure goes through the roof!! They need to get their crap together or I may have to stop.” —sarahm44b27d36d

22. “It has caused me to gain interest in servers and how to monitor them to see if they are up or not… I guess you can say it caused me to gain some technical skills.”

The Pokémon Company


23. “It’s really helped my social life.”

The Pokémon Company

“I have started talking to and even hanging out with people from work that I would have otherwise not approached. I am generally very to myself.” —tawnym2

24. “I exercised for the first time in two years, walked two miles, pulled a muscle and met more people in the past month then I have ever met in five years.”

The Pokémon Company


25. “I never used to ride my bike. Now with Pokémon Go, I’ve lost five pounds already. I am finally inspired to lose weight and keep it off!”

The Pokémon Company

“Pokémon Go has shown me that it’s OK to be sweaty and gross, as long as you get that Eevee!” —blairb488cfad03

26. “I broke my foot.”

The Pokémon Company

“It was the first day I got Pokémon Go and I was at the park chasing a Pokémon and running around. Well I landed funny and heard a loud snap…” —lydial40505ec45

27. “It makes every errand take longer.”

The Pokémon Company

“Leaving my house to go get dinner used to be a 15 minute round trip. It now takes 30 minutes because I have to stop at 6 PokéStops on my way there and back. 45 minutes if I come across some rare Pokémon on my journey. Maybe an hour if there is a lure set up at any of those spots…” —Hannah C., Facebook

28. “It greatly improved my relationship with my boyfriend.”

29 Surprising Ways Pokémon Go Has Changed People's Lives
The Pokémon Company

“Recently we’ve been kind of off, but yesterday we went to the zoo to catch Pokémon and ended up on an incredible date later. It’s made us just shut up and stop fighting for a second so we can go do something we both enjoy.” —mollygoodspeed

29. “It gives me faith in humanity again.”

The Pokémon Company

“Honestly, I love that it brings so many random people together. Nothing like a bunch of us Pokénerds sitting around a lure and just finding all the things we have in common. Everyone broke out in singing the Pokémon theme song last night and you could hear people from blocks away chiming in. I love seeing smiling, friendly faces while trying to catch my 367th Pidgey. It brings me happiness!” —RyguyZ28

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